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Big site update!

Hey everyone! How’s it going!

So I’ve been asking around for tips on how to improve the site. I got some really good feedback, and after a bit of maintenance, here we are! The updated Blue Blaster page! Stuff we’ve worked on:

– The overall color and layout of the site.

– We’ve added an “About” page, giving you more info on the people behind Blue Blaster, as well as links to other cool stuff!

– You can now comment on pages! You like what’s going on? Have a question? Anything else to add? Drop me a comment and we can discuss that!

This is a pretty big change, and I’m excited for it. Let’s see how this goes!

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  1. The site makeover looks great, Nick! Easier to use and navigate, and the site design is more consistent and Blue Blaster-y than before. Really good stuff.

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