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Blue Blaster #12 STARTING TODAY

Heyo everyone! Did you enjoy 11? Because 12 is here!


Blue Blaster #12: “Blue Blaster’s Inferno”

Blue Blaster can hardly believe his luck when he’s given the opportunity to be a big hero by saving people from a burning building. But how will that luck hold out when he’s thrust into battle with the guy who started the inferno: The lethal and fiery supervillain Blaze?! Story and art: Nicholas Foster; Colors (cover): NAAN


So what’s happening? Blue Blaster has nearly 800 LIKES ON FACEBOOK! Awesome! It’s amazing to see that many people take an interest in my comic, and I’m truly grateful.

Now as for the site itself, I’ve had a problem with spambots for a while now, and after talking it over with LouKoza, we’ve decided to have it so that if you want to register to the site, you’ll have to contact me directly and we’ll set you up with an account. Hopefully this should cut back on spam and make a better experience for everyone.


Now go on and read! And have a happy holiday season!

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