Young adulthood can be a trying time to most of us. Maybe you’re treading water in college, unsure of what to major in or where to go next. Maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end job and trying to just make it through the next day while you look for something better. Maybe you don’t get along with people as well as you’d like, not getting enough attention from attractive girls and too much attention from idiots you’d rather not be around. Maybe you’re broke and searching for that lucky break that’d give you all you need to escape your problems.

Blue Blaster is the story of such an individual who suffers from all of the above. 21-year old community college student Aaron Rung doesn’t see how he’ll make it to 22 years old without a breakdown. As he tries to just make it through another day of college and mind-numbing work, fate one day thrusts the last thing upon Aaron that he expected: Superpowers! Now that he’s super strong, can fly, and emit powerful blasts of energy, Aaron now has the choice of how to use his wonderful abilities.

And, let’s face it. Who among us wouldn’t be tempted to use such powers to improve our own lives a bit?

Blue Blaster tells what happens when, granted superpowers, how a guy would use them to rectify his own problems. Namely, in the form of settling the score with some old enemies, and filling out his wallet a bit more. And what happens when these decisions start attracting some attention from the wrong people.

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Blue Blaster is a webcomic that is written, penciled, and inked by Nicholas Foster.

Nick Foster is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, with a degree in illustration and comic art. His other works include work on independent publisher Divine Authority Comic’s title “Subject to Change,” and contributions to other webcomics such as Joshua Smith’s “Acrobat” and Dan Schkade’s “The Private Files of the Fowl,” as well as private commissions.

Nick Foster’s site: http://crimeroyale.deviantart.com/

Courtland Ellis is a professional colorist, and is currently working on his own webcomic, “Stabb Gunner.”

Courtland Ellis’s site: http://cle2.deviantart.com/

NAAN is a comic artist and colorist, who does a bit of everything herself. She has her own webcomic, “Legendary Beings Ara and Celi,” as well as having contributed to “Womanthology,” a spectacular comic anthology of female comic creators.

NAAN’s site: http://jadiner.deviantart.com/

Blue-Blaster.com was designed and developed by Louise K.. She has worked on many stunning websites for a variety of clients. She resides in Melbourne, Australia and loves chatting over a freshly brewed coffee.

Louise’s Website: https://kinfolkcreative.com.au