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Big site update!

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Hey everyone! How’s it going!

So I’ve been asking around for tips on how to improve the site. I got some really good feedback, and after a bit of maintenance, here we are! The updated Blue Blaster page! Stuff we’ve worked on:

– The overall color and layout of the site.

– We’ve added an “About” page, giving you more info on the people behind Blue Blaster, as well as links to other cool stuff!

– You can now comment on pages! You like what’s going on? Have a question? Anything else to add? Drop me a comment and we can discuss that!

This is a pretty big change, and I’m excited for it. Let’s see how this goes!

Blue Blaster #10 STARTING TODAY!

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Hey all, big news in store today!

Blue Blaster #10: “To the Victor” starts today! Here’s a quick synopsis of that:

In the aftermath of the college attack, big changes are in store for everyone… From Aaron with a big choice about the future of the Blue Blaster, to the Gardenbrook Police who have taken a newfound and serious interest in his capture. Story and art: Nicholas Foster; Colors (cover): NAAN

Uh oh! Sounds like trouble, huh? I guess you’ll have to wait and see, heh heh!

So what else is new with this issue… hm. Oh, you all get to meet our new cover colorist, NAAN! She’s a badass all-around artist, but her coloring especially is what drew me to her! She’s done several pieces for me outside of Blue Blaster, very solid stuff. She also has her own projects going on, such as her webcomic “Legendary Beings Ara and Celi.” Best check that stuff out, fellas.

You can see her work here on her site:

SO! It’s been mentioned before about the lack of a comments feature on my pages is a bit off-putting. But I don’t want to turn people away, so let’s have it right here. What did you guys think of Issue 9? What do you think is coming for us in chapter 10?

Blue Blaster on Rocketbot and Drunkduck

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As of today, I’ve officially decided what to do about Blue Blaster on the two webcomic sites I’ve been using thus far.

On Rocketbot, Blue Blaster will cease updating there once chapter 9 is concluded. Rocketbot is a fantastic community and I’ll still be sticking around, perhaps doing other creative projects there as well as keeping up with my favorite ongoing stories. The comic will remain on there should you wish to view it, although it may be subject to removal at some point in the future.

The Rocketbot page:

At Drunkduck, Blue Blaster will cease updating there once the chapter 9 cover is posted. Again, I’ll be hanging around drunkduck, largely for my favorite stories on there. Blue Blaster will remain, but the comic will be removed from there later on. There will be an update when this happens.

The Drunkduck page:

So if you’ve migrated here from either of those sites, there is what will be happening. I do hope you’ll come to enjoy this site as much as you would those others, and let me know what you think here.

Welcome… to the World!

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Annnd there’s my obscure .hack// reference that no one gets for the day.

So wow, you guys. This is it,! It’s here, it’s ready, and I hope it’ll be something spectacular! This post is mainly just testing the blog aspect. But what better way than a welcome?

So, welcome. And once I get some more things up on this site, I hope it’ll be somewhere you can spend a lot of time. 🙂