Blue Blaster #29: "... But With a Blast."

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  1. He took down the Silver Shield in one shot (and it’s implied that it killed him), and we’ve already seen what happens when Seer tries to use her powers on Blue Blaster (which seemed to be because of those particular powers).

    The Justice Patrol is WAY out of their league… though they do at least have numbers, that might help. A little.

    • I believe they also overheard the truth. Granted, that doesn’t mean they’ll readily accept help from Blue.

    • I don’t think it was implied that it killed him anywhere, but they are definitely out of their league. Anything which can take the Silver Shield off his feet like that is not something they can handle.

      I think the main question now is whether or not the Blue Bastard has any AoE attacks up his sleeve.

      • Go look at where he blasted a room-sized hole in the roof of the building to bring the heroes there in the first place.

        As to the implicit kill, the “thought he’s be made of sterner stuff” implies that moderately.

        • I will have to disagree. I reckon the reactions of the characters would be much more dramatic if SS was killed off, and I don’t think that the Blue Bastard’s words imply death, merely defeat/incapacitation.

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