Blue Blaster #29: "... But With a Blast."

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  1. And yet, still not up to the task of beating him after he’s already had to fight 5 real super-villains.

    Let that sink in for a bit.

    • Sounds like you doubt Nightwatch, Deoxy!

      • Of course – in physical combat, there’s no way he’s going to be the equal of Titan or that other big hitter (I forgot his name – Siphon took his power and attacked BB with it), and BB could take those hits.

        Short of some kind of serious gas attack (or other means of disabling BB through his need for O2) or having the equivalent one of those power damper collars, this guy is just plain outclassed.

  2. He might have all these neat new tricks now, but Blue has extensive streetfighting experience by now. Our favorite heroic villain has this in the bag.

  3. Heh, can’t believe I didn’t think of this before…

    “So when I break you this time, will they bill me for the 6 million dollars?”

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