Blue Blaster #29: "... But With a Blast."

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  1. Oh, this is not going to work. It NEVER works. All you are giving him is chance to reaffirm his resolve, and then distract you enough for Blue to get back to kicking ass again.

    • Or maybe this is Blue Blaster’s bitter defeat?!

      • Well, he did already defeat five of the most powerful supervillains around already in the last 20 minutes, so maybe he’s tired…

        but those hits were really lame compared to ones we’ve seen him take before. Siphon (with that big guy’s strength) and Titan both beat on him in the same episode, and he kept going. This guys he’s shouldn’t be bothering him overly much in comparison.

        • meh, need an edit:

          “This guy’s hits shouldn’t be bothering him overly much in comparison.”

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