Blue Blaster #13: "Clash"

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  1. sniff* no one will listen to him when he said he didnt kill anyone. but i guess i havent seen him try to tell people differnt either. he should really start doing that.

  2. Matt’s really going all swiggity swooty for some of the BubbleBooty.

  3. i’m rather shocked that none of the witnesses never said anything about Blue Blaster attacking that one guy THE MOMENT he murdered people.

    And said Dude ADMITTED to it.

    • Everybody started running the moment he started blasting buildings, Siphon killed almost everyone who stayed behind. And unfortunately, BB was the one who built up a nasty reputation beforehand-the news can’t report some nobody as the guy blew up a school-it was the dreaded Blue Blaster! The majority of the public doesn’t even know Siphon was there at all.

    • This is a very valid point. cause i know that there must of been someone who saw. i mean he told the police what happened but i guess they didnt take his word oblviously.

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