Blue Blaster #13: "Clash"

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  2. Look to the bright side, Aaron: at least now you can actually focus on being BB. I mean, what does your civilian life have left that would be worth sticking around any longer? 😛

  3. *cackles and drags Aaron to her lair*

  4. BB is touching comic so far! Thank you for your hard work!

    Got interestion feeling looking at Aaron’s situation where it is.
    Life is resisting to his actions and hitting him in a hard and creepy way.
    If he wouldn’t adapt and do it fast, his situation has potential to grow
    really ugly and turn into a horrible bad story
    of broken life of nice man)

    What is his situation?
    He is an enemy of society.
    Nobody in mass of people cares that he wants to REPAY for the harm he made.
    Also he’s a sitting duck in his town, flashing from time to time “Here am I!”
    He has a few non-super rich ENEMIES.
    He has a few super-ENEMIES – some jailed criminal villains and
    a system of good but misleaded superheroes.
    He has no resourses to protect his loved ones if anything happens
    – even from not-super ENEMIES.
    His secret indentity is KNOWN to ONE enemy and to FOUR friends.

    Uh-oh. That is doomed to break badly in horrible, angstish way.

    So to survive he’d better throw away those things that he cannot carry)
    When you catch a lisard by it’s tail liz throws it away) And is not caught)

    Game around him has a potential to become very interesting if he’d adapt.

    He has a very good and positive quality – when being under stress of
    problems – he took care of other people and tried to be responcible. Wow.
    He’s a villain? REALLY? (Antivillain – checked)) )

    He made a lot of mistakes) Man is measured by ammount of mistakes he made)))

    He has an experience of fighting to a number of superbeings and had his
    ass kicked by Badass Normal (Nightwatch) (another nice mistake).

    He has a feeling why Sypher went bad and that maybe some villains can be helped.

    I wonder what could he do to express himself comlitely if thrown away that
    game in heroes-villaing and “brand of Blue Blaster”. (There was a sentence in beginning
    about – all those villains always lose because they always behave like idiots)) )
    How can he do the things he wants in a world knowing what he knows, and with powers that he has?
    That’s where brains come in) Being creative – that what makes a difference in a world))
    And that could make a nice game. And help character development.
    He can be masked to a nice Badass Normal due his touhness – and there are some jobs where
    that can make difference and get him money and satisfaction.

    By the way there was no superhuman group to react to his misdeeds. Why not
    become a Badass Normal to create one? The funnier would be if he’ll try to
    socialize some “not-completely-bad” guys hiding them under new indentity%

    • Hey, thanks for your interest!

      You do raise some good points. Especially the “superhuman group to react to his misdeeds.” I recommend you think on that one for the next update tomorrow. 😉

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