Blue Blaster #22: "Double Date"

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  1. Well, see, this is why being dishonest is always the way to go!

    • Angry people are typically not rational, but reactions like Peter’s is a large part of why people keep secrets in the first place.

      • My thoughts exactly. Cutting off answers to demand answers is the height of stupid.

        Unfortunately, even if he realises this on his own, he might be too embarrassed to apologise. And that is how friendships end, not with a bang but with a grumble.

  2. “Why did you never tell us”?

    Um, dude, he JUST TOLD YOU. You are literally the 2nd set of people he told (not including the one villain, who had already basically figured it out and he was sort of friends with), and the 1st “set” of people was the other guy in your set of friends.

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