Blue Blaster #19: "Gauntlet"

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  1. That is…more reasonable of him than I expected. Huh.

  2. You would think somebody pays him to chase blaster… oh wait taxpayers do.

  3. He still does not have the jurisdictional authority to make such a statement here publicly. The second anyone realizes that, this is all over!

  4. personally I would correct his earlier statement before trying to make an escape:

    “You know I really would have considered going peacefully but then had to go and mess up the charges against me ”

    slowly walk over to the bags of money for dramatic affect

    “I’ll admit, I did do some robbery, about ?00* and some change in case you are wondering. Destruction of property absolutely, assault …eh they had it coming, fleeing a crime scene… well that’s only logical considering you were chasing me, but homicide… I cant say I’ve done that…yet”

    * blast one of the bags of money to create a explosion of bills (distraction)
    * step backwards into the dust cloud of bills wile laughing like a true super villain
    *take off flying, make a B-line for the nearest exit…

    then again I tend to dislike humanity

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