Blue Blaster #19: "Gauntlet"

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  1. dun dun dun…

    lets see…

    Mire got blasted into a wall / KOed
    Dare got omni blasted / KOed
    Hard Drive got outrun? / still in fighting condition
    Titan went for a swim in raw sewage / not necessarily out of the fight but considering how much he was complaining about the sewers i’d call it the end of the fight for him

    Seer Vr BB
    or Hard Drive Vr BB round 2

  2. I do think it is going to be Seer. Hard Drive would not bother to shout again, and he is out of weapons.

    Also, Blue is going to be mask-less in a second here… but if he succeeds at departing even after, what, SEVEN fights in a row, he will likely appear more on Superhero Central at least 😛

  3. I think you just beat the record of for f… sake.

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