Blue Blaster #19: "Gauntlet"

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  1. yes, 5 bucks on them dating later on in the story…XP

    • You’re assuming either one will survive this!

      • I’d kinda ruin the comic if you kill off BB, and wile I know BB isnt in the mood to play nice I don’t think hes the type to kill, hes going to win and run… not necessarily in that order

  2. When this goes down, I imagine her sounding like Dante from Clerks: “I wasn’t even supposed to BE here, today!”

  3. I’d say that the sheer fact he is STILL mobile and combat capable after wiping the floor with your team should be an indication to just walk away, Seer…

  4. He beat them as a team, then he beat them again in successive individual matchups. Seriously, he has them SO SO SO outclassed.

  5. Lady I will wipe floor with you instead.

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