Blue Blaster #19: "Gauntlet"

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  1. option 1 : leave the cash / end of chapter
    option 2 : go one more round against the cops…
    option 3 : create a distraction then steal the cash out from under their noses

  2. Blue is probably thinking should have threw the money into dumpster. Some homeless would be much happier.
    Amusing thought no one wants to shoot cash. They sure don t even aim in vincinity of it.

  3. Eh, if he really wanted to, he could probably still blast these guys and take the cash… But Blue seems more like “avoiding the unnecessary heat” kind of guy to me.

  4. I know it’s more a tale about his morality, his willingness to do the right thing when the moment arose…but really, there wasn’t anything stopping him from throwing the duffle bag over his shoulder and carrying her off. After all, you can see that the strap is still quite firmly attached to it at both ends! I’m certainly glad he did what he did, but as he’s clearly flown back to retrieve(or at least witness the outcome of that bag) it, he could have avoided his anger and frustration altogether if he had just done so in the first place! 🙂

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