Blue Blaster #19: "Gauntlet"

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  1. Why do I have this feeling we will see scene like from Leon the professional when goverment gunners hit his home.

  2. I didn’t know titan was such a girl

  3. wow, rookie mistake by the Justice Patrol : leaving the “unconscious” villains unattended wile they chased after B… now I am only guessing here as we will have to wait till next page to see but I take it as Volt, Demoman and Specter(?) woke up- degunked themselves and started tearing the police a new rear end…

    given the situation the safe bet is B vrs Dare and the rest of the Justice Patrol mops up the villain brigade but I personally am looking forward to B vrs Seer and or ~cough~ ship ~cough~

  4. How do I get the idea that B just about to pull a fast one on everybody?

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