Blue Blaster #18: "High Midnight"

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  1. Yeah, that’s going to end JUST PERFECTLY for you. Go on and alienate at least SOMEWHAT reasonable superhuman some more when they are clearly not being a threat and talking with the HEROES, why don’t you? -_-

    I honestly wish that the good lieutenant will lose his job and car.

    • Has this cop ever heard of this silly little thing the law likes to call jurisdiction? Cause he is waaaay out of his to be pulling a gun out at a crime scene like this! What does he think this is, Beverly Hills Cop?

      • not only that but he doesn’t stand a effing chance, what does he think will happen? That blue blaster will just drop to his knees and surrender? The only reason he has a chance is because of the heroes that are surrounding him, and even then he gets blasted first.

      • Not to mention the fact Blue could well be bulletproof…

      • He’s assisting the NYPD!

    • Hey now. You don’t mess with a man’s car.

  2. Jail or execution – that it is what BB deserves. Because he came to law by himself.

    Wonder if a flash of dump luck gonna take him out of that mess.

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