Blue Blaster #26: "Jailbreak"

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  1. oooh, and in front of the press, too!

    Nick, what is your method for deciding which words should be slightly larger? In some cases, I can see where the word/phrase would be emphasized if spoken or if it’s an important bit of info (such as the numbers of escapees), but sometimes it looks like they’re enlarged for no reason. For example, “..finally back ONLINE” and “ he’s at LARGE”
    At least to me, those wouldn’t be emphasized if spoken in the former case or in the latter I think that it would flow better to not emphasize or to enlarge the phrase “AT LARGE” instead.
    (I’m just using this page as an example, but I have been noting this for a while. It is something that plenty of other comic artists do too, especially a lot of the Marvel comics.)

    • Heh, I have to admit, it’s probably not a good idea. When I read what these characters are saying, I have a particular way it sounds in my head where they emphasize certain words and it just flows better for the conversation. Looking back on it now, I can’t help but wonder how I heard it because it sounds different to me now.

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