Blue Blaster #20: "Justice For All"

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  1. Oh my, so many people Blue will have to fight! If he won’t die or go to jail, his fighting skills will likely increase exponentially 😀

  2. so I know most of the characters off the top of my head, only person I am not 100% on is the red guy in the bottom right. I presume because hes next to lady cop its sopost to be Anti-freak cop, which would kinda make sense as the top people are heros/villains that have it out for BB wile the shadow is people BB can interact with out of costume, but I swear when I first looked at he red guy in the bottom right I was like “is that brock samson from venture brothers?”

  3. A girl has so many boysbands to choose those days.

  4. Phenomenal cover, both in composition and color.
    And great comic overall. I do loves me a good comic about super-people.

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