Blue Blaster #20: "Justice For All"

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  1. If blue was smart, he would hide some money in her clothes. And you know if caught tell pigs who has the rest of money.
    + you know docs like people with money and all that.

  2. So the Freakazoid T-shirt was quite recognizable, but I wonder how many noticed/spotted that our main character is sportin’ a Space Ghost hoodie??? Killer threads! All he needs now is the ability to turn himself invisible, snag some twins, grab himself a monkey, and he’ll be just like Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace Ghhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssst! Well…he’ll need the Phantom Cruiser too, but that’s immaterial!

  3. Well, now that Blue’s old attire has been torn to all hell in process of kicking assess of both his arch-nemesis and full hero team, maybe he can switch up? Some armor for next fight might be a smart move!

    • nah he just needs a replacement mask

      now for the hard part buying them in bulk with out drawing attention to him self

      • Gezus, a smart private eye could dig up ridiculous amount of info by tracking clothes manufacturers after big showdowns.

  4. I guess we don’t get a new page to view today! 🙁

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