Blue Blaster #20: "Justice For All"

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  1. Welp, that sounds like an awful idea.
    Bracing myself for consequences.

  2. May the power of puppy eyes be with him!

  3. “What, a wanted terrorist beating entire superhero teams? Dude, that’s awesome!”

    We can only hope…

  4. I know you have the main character saying that on the last panel as a possible will he won’t he, but I have to say that it’s a terrible idea of his! He revealed his powers to his best friend, he still lives at home so he has to hide them and his actions from his suspicious parents, an entire college campus and community think he’s a villainous murderer thanks to the actions of another metahuman(who he also revealed his identity to), the cops are after him and don’t seem to worry too much about proper jurisdiction, an entire super villain team knows both his real identity and where he lives, he’s got an entire superhero team gunning to take him down after what he did to them, he didn’t recover any of the money from the heist that nearly got him shot at by cops…so revealing his secret identity to two more individuals(of which, he doesn’t even know how they’d react once they found out that Mr. best friend has known who he was all along during his criminal mis-deeds) is an absolutely terrible idea! He already doesn’t know what the villains might do to him both in jail(by talking to gain leniency), or if they break out and hunt him down, so putting two more people he cares about in harms way is also a bad idea! In the end, I hope it’s merely him rambling due to stress and being tired from all that he went through, because letting anyone else know who he really was is just asking for more trouble!

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