Blue Blaster #20: "Justice For All"

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  1. Because one can buy so much drugs with retail salary yep.
    Good thing console with coop play to keep friendship up though.

  2. I agree with what Zenla said! I know they’re young, but what friends would think that you could buy actual drugs on a minimum wage salary…you cannot even live on your own with that kind of money, let only go splurging on buying illegal drugs! How on Earth can his friend think that telling more people is a good idea? Aside from him no longer being hounded, is not thinking of their safety? Everyone that knows who he is, or is involved with him in some way is in jeopardy from both villainy and the law! I’m sure he feels that his heart would be in the right place by telling more of his friends, but he clearly has not thought this through if he thinks only good would come from all of this!

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