Blue Blaster #14: "O Blue World"

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  1. Ah so now we get to meet the main super hero group. Shall be interesting!

  2. Oh look, it is group portrait of a team Blue Blaster will defeat next! 😛

    • You are very confident in his abilities!

      • His powers are not that bad actually)) He juzz lacks OTHER things… like
        1. rate of fire (he can’t shoot at 5 enemies simultaniously)
        2. penetration (his shot is not an instakill or KO for many superbeings)
        3. or experience
        4. flexibility (his super instruments are now straightforward linear attacks and no non-super instruments or mixed ones).

        At least he is a fan of that super-channel – so perhaps he at least knows a lot about that pack and their abilities and relations. Relations can be a weakness) Hmm. But conflict could be bad anyway. They’re five, they’ve been working together in survival conditions, and they are confident about protection of society and places for a rest.


        • Hmm. I suppose I haven’t been adequately explained the exact parameters of his powers… Maybe later! 😉

  3. great cover

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