Blue Blaster #14: "O Blue World"

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  1. I hate people like the lieutenant in these kind of shows/comics/stories… your going to call them freaks and stuff in front of there face but yet they can kick your normal-ass in an instant so i dont think calling them freaks is such a good idea. Its like going up to a bully and calling him a stupid or something then he kicks your ass, its like u should of saw that coming. But i guesshe has the protection of law on his side so as long he is behind that little political shield he can do all the name calling he wants.

    • Believe me, even if they were a foot shorter and a hundred punds lighter, people’d still be racist to other peoples’ faces no matter what. This guy’s no different.

      (That said, a *reason* as to why he is the way he is would be nice.

    • There’s always going to be people who don’t appreciate others taking the law into their own hands. They all have their reasons, just like I’m sure Bryce does.

    • He’s probably a little afraid of people with super powers, so calling them freaks could be his way of pretending that they don’t scare him.

  2. It warms my heart that the default response to the news of Blue Blaster fighting someone is “oh, who did he beat up today?”. Aaron is building himself a solid reputation here 😛

  3. Ive read through Blue Blaster and I really enjoyed it. At first, it was a bit of a revenge fantasy (who doesn’t dream of settling a few scores with superpowers?), but then things escalated, and they’ve got really interesting. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s coming next!

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