Blue Blaster #16: "Payday"

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  1. Well, hopefully this works. It would be kind of anticlimactic if their efforts were stymied by simple vault door. 😛

    • Oh Jackknife of little faith!

      • You’d think they’d do a bit of candidate screening before hiring him on.
        “Hey Greg, that Blaster kid got the power to cut into vaults?”
        “Huh, wha? Yeah, sure, whatever.”

        • Do you think he can’t as well?

          • Its not that they think that he cant do it, its just that they didnt make sure if he could. You sit there and plan this robbery and all that and didnt make sure each person has the all skills necessary for the job. Thats like if you hired a computer expert and since he is a computer expert you assumed he can hack into a high-security network, come to find out he cant.

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