Blue Blaster #25: "Rich Villain, Poor Villain"

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  1. …Huh. The man is practically a saint, I’ll say. at least by standards of heroes in the verse in general.

    • I’ma remain cynical for now, but if he is as he appears I’ve got a feeling I could really dig this character.
      I mean, it would be nice to have an actual HERO around, wouldn’t it?

    • He also has excellent PR.

  2. watch as blue saids something to piss him off

  3. Congratulations! I literally have no idea what will happen next. Usually I have a preconceived notion of what will happen and frequently am wrong. Following your story I can’t decide on what I think is most likely. Your characters have been human (realistic? normal?) in reacting that I don’t know if Blue is going to try and be the hero he wants to be or go with it’s to late now. Thank you for a story I really enjoy.

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