Blue Blaster #17: "Teamwork and Other Hazardous Things"

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  1. Ah, she supports the Empire I see. I knew she was evil! Muahahaha.

  2. He’s got time to make a call during a metahuman brawl, and she has to clean herself up, get dressed, and then somehow make it to the fight before it’s all over? He’s rather optimistic about her chances of making it there in time! More cops, or a SWAT team would arrive sooner on scene before she would, wouldn’t they?

    • They would arrive sooner, sure. But the villains would plow through a good deal of them before they got shut down.
      Also, it can’t be THAT hard to get a taxi that time of night.

      • …or she can fly, can teleport, has superspeed, or some other super powered shenanigans that would get her there far faster than a SWAT team.
        …or the bank is conveniently right next door to her building.

  3. Awww! Lowest-left panel – so cute! Masterpiece

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