Blue Blaster #17: "Teamwork and Other Hazardous Things"

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  1. Well, at least he did not get knocked out right off the bat! Thank goodness for that enhanced durability of his, eh?

  2. I imagine a little ‘think’ noise, like a CD bouncing off a plate.

  3. Eh… they all are a bunch of wierdos. They all need to run through a military tactical training. And police guys – TOO. I understand superheroes and villains and that wierdo Blaster – they can be sloppy because they have powers and don’t need brains. But if you are a human and coming against the monster – WTF you’re thinking coming to MONSTER face-to-face? Be cunning and treacherous shoot from the back, use snipers, flashbangs, attack from several directions… >_>

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