Blue Blaster #27: "The Hive"

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  1. Is it just such a common thing to see metahumans on rooftops and flying around that this goes largely unnoticed/ignored?
    “Hey is that Blue Blaster flying away?”
    “Well, could be. But he can’t be the only blue-based meta, so y’know, whatever.”

  2. It seems as if your panels are getting larger to stretch out certain pages, and your artwork within them looks a bit rushed of late. If you’re concerned about making your two panel a week deadline, slow down(it will help the appearance of your characters head and jaw line), take your time, add that much needed depth of shading with your inking. The fans will wait. The upper right panel is an example of this. Jawline askew, and the head tapering above the panel border gives the character an extended skull, which was most likely not intended. You’re work has great promise, and your endurance to create comics this long is quite commendable. This series could very easily take flight and become a large success, and your continued hard work will make that happen.

    • Yeah, I’ll admit this chapter is one I kinda wanted to get over with so I could move on to others. I promise the art will pick up again. As for the series taking flight, I’m pretty sure I’ve announced it already, but the comic will be done after issue 30.

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