Blue Blaster #23: "Winners Never Cheat, Cheaters Never Win"

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  1. is specter getting a two-face makeover?

    • Ooh, great sequence.
      I mean, it’s awful, ‘cuz I like Specter, but this scene was very well spaced out and executed.

      And really, how was a guy *who can drain energy* not under closer surveillance while wearing a device that obviously emits energy?

    • We’ll see how he ends up looking eventually.

  2. Well, seems like it isn’t just Blue who can make monumentally stupid decisions!

    • I’ll say. Honestly, what was Specter thinking? Throwing his face into an energy blast like that!

      • And men like that are in charge of the corporate world. Tsk, no wonder the economy is tanking.

  3. It occurs to me that the gang doesn’t know Drano-boy is the reason the heist ended up failing so spectacularly.

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